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Meet Dr. Donald Pattison

The Road to Chiropractic…

Dr. Donald Pattison

Dr. Donald Pattison

Dr. Pattison attended Palmer College of Chiropractic receiving his Doctorate. He also received a title of Diplomat in Nation Board of Chiropractic Examiners. He received from Palmer College a certificate in proficiency in x-ray and clinical procedure. Other post graduate degrees: radiation protection, physical therapy, advanced study in Applied Clinical Nutrition and weight control. Post Graduate study in Neurological and Orthopedic Examination and Personal injury/ Workman’s Compensation, Spinal Stress and Rehabilitative Therapy. Dr. Pattison has taken advanced study in Hormonal Balancing, Saliva Testing, and PH Testing. Dr. Pattison has also worked in Spinal Stress relating to our Health Conditions.

On a Personal Note…

My wife Bobbie and I have been married for 48 years. We were high school sweethearts and graduated from the same high school. We were married right after graduation, had our son 2 years later and 1 daughter another 2 years later. I started in chiropractic college in 1965 and we had our second daughter in 1973. I graduated from Palmer Chiropractic College in 1972. Bobbie and I and our children have worked in our clinics every since.

We have always enjoyed traveling with some of our good chiropractic friends. It always seems to somehow be something to do with enhancing our life in some way, spiritually, physically and also for fun and relaxation. We also have spent many times on holidays with the children, swimming, boating, eating out, golfing, museums and enjoying our timeshares with our kids plus always the kid’s friends. We also have always been involved in our Church.

Chiropractors Need Chiropractic Care

The Integrity Chiropractic Team in Lee's Summit

Your Integrity Chiropractic Team – Bobbie, Dr. Pattison & Sheri

My wife and I and our family have always been treated with regular chiropractic care and we been very a healthy family. We also have always exercised on a regular basic. We have and still do eat as organically as possible and take the proper nutrition that we need which I have always done with special testing for our family.Our children still are treated with chiropractic care. We have three married children and six grandchildren. They all wish that their Dad was closer because no one seems to adjust them like their Dad or Grandpa.When our grandson and granddaughter were about 2 they was always adjusting their animals and checking their legs up and down.Our children have always been influencing their friends to get adjusted. Our son’s swim coach used to try to get all the swim team to go see Jeff’s Dad because he was one of the ones who never seemed to get sick in the winter time swim season. He used to tell Jeff don’t take my vit C, you don’t need it!

We have many stories from our family’s healthy days. Now there are lot of statics and studies that show chiropractic patient’s always seem to be much healthier then the people who do not receive chiropractic care. I believe that chiropractic care can improve your immune system which will allow your body to be able to resist disease and function as it was designed to. I also believe that we can also help our body to be healthier with a positive mental attitude. I feel that with all the education and knowledge on health now through the Web and other education now we can gain much more knowledge on proper health care concerning vaccinations, drugs of all kinds. We now can make much better choices in our Health life now.

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Bobbie and I have had a passion throughout our life for our patient’s health through chiropractic care. I will always in some way be involved with the profession that I respect and love. My mission statement to you is to help all people of all ages with their health to improve his or her daily living experiences allowing them to have a more productive HEALTHY, HAPPY LIFE and able to live as PAIN FREE as possible. This will help them to ENJOY their relationships with others and themselves.

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